Tobin Menard was born in 1978 to Alec and Joanne Menard.  Tobin  became the Treasurer of the Newport Rugby club as a senior in Newport Highschool.  Tobin Menard enlisted the US Air Force  in 1998 as an aircraft mechanic.  In 2000 he met his future German wife Annette and on September 16 2001 she flew from Germany to join Tobin in Eglin FL where he was stationed in the test squadron helping to develop and test next generation aircraft systems for the Air Force.  In 2002 became a Air Force Meteorologist where he co wrote the Standard Operating Procedures for both the Army and Air Force  flight weather briefings for all Aircraft receiving flight weather briefings through Air Force channels.  since leaving the Air Force in 2008 Tobin Menard worked Retail for a few years then spent time at Dartmouth- Hitchcock and is now working in the manufacturing industry. 

Tobin Menard is a board member of the Newport Historic Society, participant in both the Newport and Sullivan county improvement projects, interviewer for the Local Business Engagement and Retention program in conjunction with the UNH Extension staff, current Treasurer for the Upper Valley Libertarians.

Tobin Menard understands the challenges facing the New Hampshire worker and businesses.